Hugo Awards Extravaganza 2023 – Novella

Works in the Hugo Novella category are almost always short novels (17500-40000 words).

In 2019 I wrote that this category had been revitalised by digital publishing and it continues to be true – novellas seem more accessible to consumers and more vital than ever, and the quality of this section has in previous rounds been exceptional.  I’m really looking forward to this category as it is a mixture of authors I am extremely familiar with (McGuire, Tchaikovsky, and to a lesser extend Kingfisher) and some new (to me) faces.

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Hugo Awards Extravaganza 2023 – Novelette

Hugo novelettes tend to be long short stories (7500-17500 words). I used to bag on this category as slightly too long short stories, and that’s certainly true for the bulk of nominees, but for the last few rounds I’ve reviewed, the top stories have been really excellent; the best entries are super short stories that benefit from the extra space while still being compact and not overstaying their welcome.
Reviews of the Novelette Nominees.

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Hugo Awards Extravaganza 2023 – Introduction

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, (2019) so I hope I’m not too rusty.  As is my want, I’ll stick to the Fiction categories, prioritising Novel, Novella, Novelette and Short Story (the last two generally being my favourite categories), then if I have time hit Series, Graphic Novel, New Writer, and Young Adult (the last two technically not being Hugos).  I’ll also dip my toes into the presentation categories if I’ve already covered off most of the entrants.

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