Review – Hullmetal Girls

Sometimes I just want the literary equivalent of junk food.  Hullmetal Girls has a cover of an earnest woman in space armor, the dedication is to the kung fu panda 2 soundtrack, and the blurb is about a girl in a lost fleet who agrees to become a robocop for the government, only to find that all is not well (and it’s obvious both what is not going well and where it is going to go).  I knew exactly what I was going to get from the book, and by and large, this is an extremely competent version of that.1   I will however say that the actual scene of cyborgization, 2 is genuinely horrific and disturbing, and generated so much good will going forward that I was willing to overlook the otherwise rote plotting and flawed second protagonist arc.

Exactly what you expect it to be.

  1. Competent, note adjective.
  2. Not a real world, but strictly speaking, it is not roboticization.

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